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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


          Ahem!! Everybody, I'm finally on a diet plan!!!(felt kinda ashamed after saying this) Hahahaha..

          A lot of people have been asking me to on diet since like I was in Form 3?? Honestly I have been trying to diet more than 10 times already. The result as you can see---->FAILED!!!
Seriously, it is no kidding at all, diet is not as hard as you think of. It is WAY MORE HARDER than what you think of it!!!!

          I do admit that my determination is quite weak and ya you can say that I have low resistant against delicious-looking food(sometimes it do not have to be delicious to make me eat them~). I think it was caused by my parents pushing all the foods to me when I was younger. There was a legend that I was so skinny and small and even my school back pack can make me fall backward!! Lol..
          OK! Once I told some of my friends that I am on a diet plan (it is not that I want show everyone that I had tried to diet, it is to acknowledge them that please do not make any seductive invitation like "Let's Go McD!!" but still friends are all Satans!!), the first question that they asked me would be:"Phewit!! Which lucky girl?" or "Aiyer!! Have target liao har!!". So here I am to declare that"I have no interest in any girl!!!" erm, I think I lost a 'yet' in the last sentence~ 

          Frankly speaking, I have these kind of self-in-love lately. I start to feel that my appearance is important and feel like if I go slim and build up some muscle, I might probably be like one of those hot roosters(since hot chicks is for girls)!! So now I want to try to verify my hypothesis! That's all! Is it really that big deal? haha..

          So what do you think?! Can I get success this time? My target would be 10kg(too high or too low?). Hope fully I get to be slim during my graduation ceremony in October!! *finger-crossed

p/s: In case I really slimmed down, anyone want to sponsor me on my new clothes?? and what shall I do with those big loose clothes? (take a picture and be models for some slimming centre? haha)

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  1. Gambade ah fat!! Awaiting for u to slim down hahahaha :P