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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


          Ahem!! Everybody, I'm finally on a diet plan!!!(felt kinda ashamed after saying this) Hahahaha..

          A lot of people have been asking me to on diet since like I was in Form 3?? Honestly I have been trying to diet more than 10 times already. The result as you can see---->FAILED!!!
Seriously, it is no kidding at all, diet is not as hard as you think of. It is WAY MORE HARDER than what you think of it!!!!

          I do admit that my determination is quite weak and ya you can say that I have low resistant against delicious-looking food(sometimes it do not have to be delicious to make me eat them~). I think it was caused by my parents pushing all the foods to me when I was younger. There was a legend that I was so skinny and small and even my school back pack can make me fall backward!! Lol..
          OK! Once I told some of my friends that I am on a diet plan (it is not that I want show everyone that I had tried to diet, it is to acknowledge them that please do not make any seductive invitation like "Let's Go McD!!" but still friends are all Satans!!), the first question that they asked me would be:"Phewit!! Which lucky girl?" or "Aiyer!! Have target liao har!!". So here I am to declare that"I have no interest in any girl!!!" erm, I think I lost a 'yet' in the last sentence~ 

          Frankly speaking, I have these kind of self-in-love lately. I start to feel that my appearance is important and feel like if I go slim and build up some muscle, I might probably be like one of those hot roosters(since hot chicks is for girls)!! So now I want to try to verify my hypothesis! That's all! Is it really that big deal? haha..

          So what do you think?! Can I get success this time? My target would be 10kg(too high or too low?). Hope fully I get to be slim during my graduation ceremony in October!! *finger-crossed

p/s: In case I really slimmed down, anyone want to sponsor me on my new clothes?? and what shall I do with those big loose clothes? (take a picture and be models for some slimming centre? haha)

Monday, September 26, 2011


          Okay, just for your information, I completed my internship or some say industrial attachment just not long ago. Instead of saying we go learn stuffs from there, I would probably say we go see things there. We have no responsibility to do anything there, it is like I will just have to go there see things as a third party, no, worse than third party, it is more like a non-related person.
          However, I would like to thank an Resident Engineer from the Consultants. He started at my site almost the same time as me. He is not my field to be exact, he's an Electrical and Electronic Engineer, graduated from Monash University of Australia. He is brave for the truth and responsibility he held on. Another thing to mention is that he is  really young to be an Resident Engineer. He is just 28 going to 29.  Some more he is very good looking with a sense of fashion and humor. Sounds like he got a secret admirer? To me, I do not just admire him, I respect him and he is the example for me to follow, my mentor!
          He taught me the reality in the industry. He taught me the discipline that we should have in our principle of life. He taught me to know where is our stand. He taught me to balance our works and plays. He taught me the art of communication. He taught me that the real lessons starts when we start to work. He taught me on the socials. He taught me the DO's and DON'Ts in the industry. He taught me lessons that I could never learn in lectures. 
          Maybe he did not know how grateful I am to him for all these!! I would still like to express my boundless gratitude and respect towards my Mentor, Eng. Law Eng Hong.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Teehee, Stupid Me~!

          Actually I have so much to write on since the past few weeks, but the stupid lazy worm in me was just too influencing that causing me to lost update in this blog for almost a year now. So sorry to all my precious readers (in case there is any ><). However, just a quick update to those who knows me and reads my blog. 

*I just finished my 10 weeks internship in Kuching.
*Enjoyed my 4 months time back in Kuching so much~~~
*My sister just got married on the 911.
*I got into a minor accident the Tuesday before I come back to uni. 
*Yes, definitely I gained weight again for this holiday.
*I became darker.(however, many did not realise, I wonder why??)
*Currently in Parit King
*I just skipped the first week class (as usual~~)
*I got tons of mouse shit (literally) in my toilet and I just cleaned it whole heartedly last weekend.
*Unfortunately yes, I did not get what I want in the registration of my major.

          I think that is the brief one on my current life, if I put more, I scared some of you might envy too much on my exotic, exciting, authentic, aesthetic, breath-holding, nerve-breaking life. (Do not ask what does these long, weird description means, I was just trying sounds more banana in my first blog update after so many months. I do not even know if they make sense?)

          Till then~~~~~~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The last 3 days to go!

        Whether you want or not, the holiday has finally come to an end~ I'll be going back to Johor next Wednesday. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends in Kuching~ Rebecca, Hon Yun, Paul Ling, Patricia, Jen Hao, Swee Kee and all the others of the gang, thank you guys for the quality times we had. The barbeque, the countdowns and all the tea times. This is not something I can get or feel at there. I'll treasure it!!
         In the mean time, I got to wish the very best to Jen Hao as he will be going back to Taiwan in the middle of this 2011!! It is indeed my pleasure to know him as my 1st Taiwanese friend and I'll treasure all those memories we spent together! May God bless you in your future undertakings and may your loveship with Jelly stays eternally!! All the best!!
Till then~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another day to go..

          This is going to be my last day in Batu Pahat for this year!! Tomorrow I'll be going back to my sweet hometown to meet all my sweet family and friends. Although I have finished all my papers in final yesterday, I can hardly feel the excitement as I was expecting. Maybe I have got numb on these stuffs. Yesterday was quite a packed day. After the exam, most of us came back home to do some major cleaning that we had live for almost half a year. Since normally we do not really do the clean ups properly, it was quite time and energy consuming to make it really clean and shiny!! Lol.. However, the mood was spoiled a little when things were not carried as smooth as expected. Then, in a rush, we went for Kent's farewell dinner, and also a K-session at the midnight. Because there were too many of us, we could not enjoy the singing to the max(have to pass the mic around ma~~).
         Anyway, I did some minor cleaning that I was not able to get done yesterday this morning, feels good that the whole house looks cleaner, going to spend my day in good mood and just enjoy my last moments here in 2010!! 
        By the way, again, Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


          The time now is exactly 12.00pm and I'm going to be free from all those stresses and depression and going to enjoy my quality time with my families, friends, church pals and enjoy my Christmas celebration to the fullest!!! Haha.. Do I sound too excited? Actually I do not really have the mood to study for my final paper already. I know, this is not a good example, but, what can I do? Just can't help with it.
          Anyway, tonight we are going for a farewell for Mr Kent Chang, who used to be my aiya Husband. He's finishing his final semester here, and will be leaving for his career back in KL. Though I did not really kept in touch with him this year(excuse: no transport and no more in the same house), he is still one of the person that I respect, in his attitude towards this Civil Engineering field and some aspects of life. He's certainly matured in thinking and rational. Maybe, sometimes too rational. This might be a way to protect himself ? Maybe? I'd prefer to be a little sentimental and passionate on things sometimes. Anyway, I'd wish you to have a bright future(of course your are going to have it, no doubt.) and more chances and luck in your future!! Fighting (I know you do not like this, but this is the Korean style of support)!!! 
          Just in case any of the Kuching friends who might read this, please prepare yourself for me, can't wait to go hangout with you guys!! YAY!!!
    HOHOHOHOHO!!!! Merry Christmas!!! (I'm wearing red!!)

Blessings from JOHORE!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Yesh!! It's exam time!!

     Finally this is going to come to an end, which means the holidays are going to start in no time!! Woohoo!! I have been away from my home for almost 5 and a half months already (which means I did not go back even for once in this whole 5 months), seriously, I am being homesick terribly now~~ Anyway, Can't wait to see m y beloved family in another 3 weeks time. 
     It's in another 4 days time to sit for my 1st paper, which is also the killer subject- Geotechnical Engineering, Trying to study hard for it, but seems to loss concentration all the time. Pray for me!! Hoping to get a better score this semester in order to pull up my CGPA. I can't manage to drop again this semester~
     By the way, I would like to congrats to all my friends who has graduated not long ago, really hope that you guys can have a good choice of career and excel in it!! All the best!! 
     Not to forget that 2 of my best friends are getting married this coming 18 December, Daniel and Siew Hung, do not know if you guys will read this, but I sincerely wish your marriage the best from the bottom of my heart! May God bless your marriage and your going-to-build family!! Be sweet forever!!